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Adoption Update: Romeo and Juliet


Last month, we received a wonderful (and very funny) update from some of our favorite fluffy bunnies!

Romeo and Juliet came to us with their three beautiful babies from a local municipal shelter. Sadly, they had been found wandering outdoors….babies and all, until a good Samaritan rescued them. After living in a dog kennel at the pound, they were thrilled to move into our office temporarily. We were able to have Mr. Romeo neutered immediately, but unfortunately Juliet was already pregnant again. After some distress, she required an emergency C-section but fortunately made a full recovery.

R_J_earsA few months after their arrival, Romeo and Juliet were adopted. In another twist, unfortunately their adopter was unable to care for them and they came back to OC. They waited a very long time until just the right home came along! OC volunteer and kitty adopter, Debbie, had previously owned long-haired rabbits and knew just what it would take to care for them (and keep that gorgeous fur in line and untangled). She had the nice quiet home they had been waiting their whole lives for and as you can see they are truly thriving! Romeo and Juliet continue to be best pals and charm those around them and we couldn’t be happier for them!

Read Juliet’s email to us below and check out their adorable photos!

RJ FabulousDear Our Companions,
Mom is very bad at checking her email, so I have started doing it for her. Thank you for asking about us. We are doing very well. Mom takes good care of us but we still run from her most of the time when she comes in our room because she likes to pick us up and hug us . . . a lot! Romie is good at darting under the bed really fast, so I'm usually the one who gets stuck being squeezed. . .I chatter my teeth really loud and close my eyes so she thinks I'm enjoying it but I'm really just playing it up to get treats. She also likes to bring her students' essays in our room and sit with us and our cat Mystic while she grades. I usually try to steal the papers from her. Mom laughs because she thinks I'm being playful but I'm really trying to teach her about boundaries - I mean really!!!!! We don't need all those silly papers in our play area. Besides, I can't figure out why she likes those essays so much - they're quite flavorless.

Hope you can open the pictures. The first one is of me and Romie (isn't he's so handsome)? Next is me - don't my ears look fabulous? Next is me in a house Mom made for us - if you come visit, please give us advance notice so that we can get a new welcome mat (the one in the picture was delicious!) Next is me peeking out the side window (our little garden was also delicious!). Finally, me and Mom in matching furs - hers was fake (I checked!). And one more of Romie, cause he's so cute!

Hope you're doing well. Thank you for caring for us. We'll never forget you.
Love and carrots,
Juliet (and Romeo)

RJRJ Romie




2015 Adoption Celebration

As we look back on 2015, it’s so uplifting to reflect on all of the beautiful pets who were adopted last year!

As you look at the faces of these beautiful animals, be reminded that a great many of them are seniors or have some special behavioral or physical need which left them with few other places to turn for help. Every one of these animals is now in a loving home with a life-time promise from OC to be there for them if they ever need help again in the future.

Special thanks to Mandy Wieting, for designing this project.





Johnny's Journey

Watch a special video about Johnny’s journey with Our Companions.

Many of the cats and dogs we care for have special needs, just like Johnny. Support from people like you make stories like his possible. We are so very grateful for your help!

Please consider making a gift to Our Companions today so that we can always be here for those animals that need us most, animals that have nowhere else to go.

If you haven’t heard about the Newman’s Own Foundation Sanctuary Challenge, click here.