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Kaylee's Adoptaversary

Kaylee at home


Kaylee picnic

In January of 2015, the Sanctuary welcomed the happiest, most lively pup by the name of Kaylee. This little live wire lived in the pound for many months before coming to us and was in desperate need of training, exercise, and tons of love. It was quickly learned that this bundle of energy was not a fan of other dogs, required more patience, running, and walking than some other dogs, and had far too much energy for cats and kids. She wasn’t the easiest pup to place, but OC was confident that the right home would come around! Kaylee’s upbeat personality, social nature with people, and her cheerful disposition, everyone thought it would be no time before she found her forever family.




Kaylee carry
Fast forward a year and a half and sweet Kaylee was still waiting patiently for her perfect match. Though she was happy at the Sanctuary, she was desperately in need of a home where she was the only pet with people who could give her lots of attention and love. Just when we were running low on hope for finding Kaylee’s soul people, our first ever try at participating with Clear the Shelters came around. Clear the Shelters is an annual adoption event sponsored by NBC and though we are not a traditional shelter, we thought it was worth a shot to take part in the event for the publicity it would bring. Though we didn’t send home any pets the day of the event due to our adoption policies, it certainly paid off because a very special couple attended the event and fell hard for our very own Kaylee!




Now nearing the one year anniversary of her adoption, sweet Kaylee and her amazing parents are still loving their life together and from the pictures we’ve seen and updates we’ve received, we’re certain that this is indeed a successful adoption! Be sure to check out Clear the Shelters this year, August 19th, and follow along with NBC CT as they share success stories just like Kaylee’s in the months prior!

Kaylee couch




Adoption Update: Blast from the Past

Theo Pixie

Seven years ago, an adorable pair of kittens found their forever home – this month, we received the greatest update and couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

Theo (formerly Tubby) and Pixie (formerly Tallulah) are a gorgeous pair of kitties who originally came into Our Companions’ care 7 years ago – before the Sanctuary even existed! They were raised with their mom in an amazing foster home with one of our lovely volunteers, Andrea, who did an amazing job caring for these beautiful kitties. Andrea shared her story with us for this sweet update:

"It was September 28, 2009 and a friend of mine, Marlene, called me for help. She had found a newborn kitten unattended by its mother in the yard of the housing complex off Albany Avenue in Hartford. Never having dealt with
an orphaned kitten before, I immediately contacted Stephanie (from O.C.) and together we headed to Hartford.
Knowing that the chances of a day old kitten making it without its mother were slim to none, Stephanie encouraged Marlene to put the kitten back where she found it in hopes that the mother would return. As we were walking outside to put the kitten back, t he mother cat appeared and came running. She was so happy to see her baby and us that she rolled over the ground, rubbing her face on the concrete. She immediately took to nursing the kitten.

"We knew that we couldn’t just leave them where they were, boxed the stray mother and her kitten up and headed to the vet. It’s there that we were told that there was another kitten in her belly. I ended up bringing both of them back to my house and building her a quiet, warm space in the shower of one of the bathrooms. Momma cat, now named Libby, was as kind and loving as they come and was totally trusting with me around her new kitten, who we named Tubby. It was two more days until Tallulah arrived, born at 6:10 pm on 9/30/09. The next few weeks were the most amazing weeks of my life. Watching them grow and bonding with them made me proud; I wondered how I would ever give them up when the time came.

"Kitten applications came pouring in and I shared their information, along with 3 other kitten pairs to Brenda, a potential adopter. The rest is history and the kittens went to the most perfect home on Friday, 11/27/09 at 11 am.

"Tullulah, now Pixie, and Tubby, now Theo, have been living happily with their family for many years now! Their adopter, Brenda, stumbled into one of our employees at a meeting and struck up a conversation about her amazing and very loved kitties whom she adopted from O.C. years prior. Brenda showed off some photos and we knew we needed to share them to showcase how great these adorable kitties are doing in their forever home! We were so thrilled to get this amazing update and are happy to report a very, very happy ending for these deserving cats.
Read Brenda’s email to us below and check out their adorable photos! Theo (the white cat) is very dog-like. They both greet people at the door and are very social, but Theo is extraordinary. He wags his tail when he’s happy, and loves to get all “in your face”. They are both lap cats, but Theo loves to really stretch his arms out in a hug. Pixie, no disrespect intended, isn’t as bright as Theo. She is a little clumsy (no ear infections – just not your typical graceful cat!), and always makes us laugh with her antics. They get along for the most part, but also enjoy a little scuffle now and then. Theo enjoys creeping up on Pixie while she sleeps, and then laying right on top of her. Sometimes Pixie lets him, other times it’s a quick swipe and a hiss that gets him off her! Typical siblings."

Theo Pixie