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Featured Pet: Lego


Are you a big fan of adorable dogs with super cute ears and the kind of eyes that will melt your heart?! Are you also a big fan of Legos?? Well, it’s ok if you don’t say yes to that last question, but if you’re a dog lover who wants a four-legged family member to take long walks in the woods, play super fun games like fetch and tug, and snuggle up with on a cold night – your search is over because Lego is here and she is ready and waiting for someone just like you!

This sweet girl is very, very loved, but due to the fact that she is pretty picky about what little kids she’ll kick it with, she can’t stay where she is. Because of this, she would do best in a home with adults, but she may be okay with older kids and teenagers. She has also lived with cats in the past, so may be ok with a dog-savvy feline friend, but she much prefers her humans to other dogs – probably because another dog can’t possibly toss a tennis ball as well as a human person and chasing after tennis balls is by far Lego’s favorite hobby! She will even flick the ball into your open hand on command. She also knows several other super fun tricks – so if you come to meet her, you’ll have to ask her to show them off!

This adorable pup walks well on the leash and with some training, can easily learn to not pull or lunge when walking past another dog. She enjoys pleasing her people and is happiest when hanging out with someone she loves! She is a fanatic about taking car rides and gets quite excited when she senses an impending trip, as she just adores looking out the window and feeling the wind in her floppy little ears. She’s just fine with being crated, but can also be trusted being out and about in her home and doesn’t struggle with any separation issues. Lego is truly loved and her original owners have done a wonderful job of socializing and training their beloved pup. She will surely be an amazing companion to the lucky people who get to call her their own and though she will be dearly missed by her humans, they are very anxious to find her a family that will make her the center of their universe, which is just what she deserves!

If you feel that Lego could be the pup for you, check out her Petfinder page,or reach out to us at 860-242-9999 x302 or jess@ourcompanions.org.


Fall in Love this Fall

It is the perfect time of year to fall for your new best friend! The air is crisp (sometimes), the leaves are changing, and the Holiday Season is just around the corner! We know we love autumn, but thought we’d see how our furry friends feel about fall in New England

.Kate and Jaclyn Pumpkins

Kitten Plant Bop

Our older kittens, Jaclyn and Kate, loved the pretty mums and wanted to know about the pumpkin-spice craze they keep hearing about. (***SPOILER ALERT: they were unimpressed)

Cheetah AutumnCheetah punkin snuggles

Sweet Cheetah, our easiest 11-year-old girl, has been on the hunt for a snuggle buddy that won’t bug her with incessant meowing and playing. Looks like this little pumpkin will fit the bill until her forever family comes along!

Luther autumn

Poor little (not-so-little) Luther – the biggest baby on the block, was a brave boy who checked out the plants, then promptly ran away to bother Apache and get pets from the lunch-wielding humans.


Apache autumn
Get my good side!

Meanwhile, Apache thought the decorations would be the perfect props for his autumn Instagram pic. He spent several minutes posing and is still working on coming up with just the right caption. Check out @ourcompanions on Instagram for his fall-themed upcoming post.


10-year-old LuLu felt a little questionable about being surrounded by pumpkins and truthfully just wanted to hop onto the nearest cozy lap, but she posed for the perfect picture anyway, because she’s just such a good girl!


Meanwhile, LuLu’s brother from another mother, 5-year-old Cody, was beyond thrilled to show off his brand new Candy Corn tie while sitting in his new favorite Cody-sized box! Orange is definitely his color.

Albus Autumn 2

And last but not least, we have Albus, who fell so in love with his autumn decorations that he refused to give them back! This 11-year-old cutie was the perfect model and happily sat in this box with his pumpkin and leaves for 20 whole minutes after his photo shoot.



Featured Pet: Zeus


Handsome, hunky, stately, statuesque: these are just a few words that are regularly used when describing sweet Zeus. Not to mention delightful, snuggly, lovable, and sweet! This gentle giant is one amazing pup. At around five years old, he loves everyone he meets – as long as the people he meets are adults – little kids scare him half to death! He is very well-behaved and calm and was an absolute rock star at our most recent Meet & Greet event!

Zeus loves to take long walks and will need a home where he can get plenty of exercise! He is currently around 80 pounds, but could stand to lose a little bit of weight. He is a goofy, silly guy who enjoys playing with toys and getting plenty of love from his humans. He has a striking, shiny coat that matches his gorgeous grey eyes perfectly! He loves his Kong and is just fine spending a day by himself when his people are work. He is trained on an electric fence and doesn’t even attempt to leave his yard. Zeus would do best as the only pet in his forever home as he doesn’t mix well with other dogs or cats. But he has more than enough love to give all on his own!

Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this perfect pup is sure to get an amazing family member and friend. We know his forever family is out there somewhere and he’ll just keep patiently waiting until he meets them!

For more information about this adorable pup, check out his Petfinder listing, call 860-242-9999 x302, or email Megan at megan@ourcompanions.org.


Featured Pet: Albus


Albus is a one-of-a-kind who is sure to steal your heart!

This handsome, snuggly cat is mellow, laid-back, and absolutely obsessed with his food! He loves people, especially once he gets to know them, and will stand at his door and ask politely for some cuddle time on your lap if he’s feeling particularly snuggly. He can take some time to warm up to new people, but once you are in his circle, you’re in it for life!

Although he is low-key, Albus does enjoy the occasional interactive play session. He can be enticed with feather toys and interactive games if he’s in the mood and it is fun to watch him stalk and pounce! Albus would do best as the only pet in his forever home, as other animals tend to make him a little nervous, but he has more than enough love and personality to go around.

At 10 years of age, Albus is a happy boy despite dealing with some medical issues. He has been diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, meaning that at times, he struggles with some incontinence and has a history of urinary tract issues. This can be easily managed with a special diet and medication and Albus has shown great improvements since coming into our program. Albus had a bit of a rough patch before moving into our Sanctuary, but has truly blossomed into a wonderful, social, and lovable cat who is so deserving of a loving, patient home to call his own! Could you be his perfect match?