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Featured Pet: Mabel


Mabel is a seriously sweet girl. This pint-sized pit mix is the perfect little pup to complete anyone’s household. As long as that household doesn’t include any other dogs! Mabel is already living an awesome life in her current home with her kids, but she has to share that home with another dog and it just is not ideal for poor Mabel. She really does not like living with another dog and though she is ok with her, would really prefer a pup-free castle to rule all on her own!

Although Mabel really could do without another dog in her house, she would be the perfect companion for a family with small children and even with cats! She absolutely adores her little kids and to watch her with them absolutely melts your heart. She is so gentle and sweet and it’s easy to see why her family adores her so much. This is an enormously difficult decision for them, but they are doing what is right for Mabel and for their other dog, which is all that matters.

Mabel recently came to our event at the Sanctuary and was an absolute champ. She met everyone with a wag of her tail and lots and lots of face licks and love. She was hanging around another dog who wanted nothing to do with her and she didn’t even blink an eye at his barks. She was laid-back, sweet as could be, and hilariously stubborn about leaving the area because it was chock-full of delicious smelling bags of dog food!

Mabel’s ideal home would be one where people are around much of the time. But someone willing to get a dog walker or stop in around lunch-time would also work! She is used to having her mom home during the day and would probably miss that companionship, but does not require a stay-at-home person, just would prefer it. She really is wonderful with small children, toddlers, and infants and would make a wonderful sister to any human siblings she might have! She loves to take walks and is great on the leash with a harness. She has been well-trained, well-loved, and very well cared for and is an absolute joy!

If you’re looking for an awesome family pet who could be your one and only pup, call 860-242-9999 x302 or email annmarie@ourcompanions.org.

And don’t forget to check out her Petfinder profile here.



Featured Pet: Quincy


Quincy’s life began as an outdoor kitty where he was part of a feral colony. While many feral cats are not capable of bonding with humans, Quincy was one of the few who managed to develop a relationship with his colony caregiver. He was socialized by his mom and blossomed into a vocal, friendly boy who bonded strongly with her and felt so comfortable around her. Unfortunately, life happened to Quincy’s mom and she had to enter an assisted living facility, leaving poor Quincy in quite a predicament. He was no longer able to be part of a feral colony, but he was too shy to move into a new home.

We made space for him at the Sanctuary with his own room and his very own “catio” where he could spend time reminiscing about his days as an outdoor guy. At first, Quincy did a lot of harmless hissing and ran away when volunteers and staff entered his room. His entire world had been turned upside down and he was not having any of it! But over time, he started to realize that we weren’t that bad, we were only there to help him and he started to trust us, little by little.

Initially, it took this handsome boy several times meeting someone before he was comfortable enough to approach them for pets and snuggles. Now, Quincy will happily climb into any friendly lap for a cuddle session, often having to be physically moved when it’s time for his pals to leave his room. He has come so far, we can’t even believe he’s the same cat! Sometimes, he prefers his space and won’t come down from his comfy bed or inside from his sunny spot outside, but his hissing days are behind him and he’s turned into your typical cat. He loves attention when he’s in the mood for it and when he’s done, he’ll simply walk away. Sounds about right for a cat!

Although he has come a long way, it may be tough for Quincy to move into a new home. Initially, he may hide and do some hissing, but now that he has made dozens of new friends and is often being greeted by newcomers during public hours, we are confident that his move home will be a much smoother transition than his move to the Sanctuary. He understands that people are good and once he trusts you, he is sure to be an absolutely amazing companion - just as long as you like lap cats!

Quincy would do best in a quiet, adult home. He may be just fine with teens and may do well with another mellow cat, but could become overwhelmed by dogs and overly rambunctious feline friends. He would love an outdoor space where he can spend his days, but it would need to be secure, like a screened-in porch or a “catio” of his own. These are super easy to find on Pinterest and some of our own staff members have built them at their own homes!  But this is not a necessity for our sweet boy and we would happily send him home with the right family without a catio area for him to sunbathe and watch the birds.

If you’re looking for a super sweet and lovable kitty to call your own, please consider our lovely Quincy. He is about 6 years old and is sure to be an amazing family member and friend to whomever is lucky enough to call him theirs. For more information, please call 860-242-9999 x302 or email michelle@ourcompanions.org.

And don’t forget to check out his Petfinder profile here, along with his video on YouTube.




Featured Pet: Glinda


When you envision the perfect cat, you probably imagine an outgoing, sweet, lovable, lap cat! You may dream of a beautiful, adult kitty who is healthy, happy, and easygoing. Does this sound too good to be true?!? Because it’s not – all of those things perfectly describe our very own super sweet Glinda!

At 11 years of age, Glinda is an absolute dream. She actually came to us many, many years ago with her sister, Locasta, and the pair were adopted out together. They came back to us as adults due to familial changes and were at our Sanctuary for ten whole days before heading home together. Well, as they grew older, Locasta and Glinda decided that they did not in fact like other cats – including each other! They were having issues at home and their owner felt very overwhelmed with what was going on. So for the second time in their lives, they were returned to us and we quickly learned that although they were both lovely kitties, they needed to be the only cats in their forever homes!

So Glinda got her own room and quickly became an absolute fan favorite! She loves visitors of all ages and is so outgoing and friendly. She will sit at her door and meow for attention and the second someone enters her room, she’ll follow them to the couch and climb all over them, giving head rubs and kisses! She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and though she likes to play and enjoys a good snack, nothing compares to her love for her people!

This sweet, goofy love bug is so ready to find her forever family. We can’t believe that someone hasn’t scooped her up already and we know that whoever has the luck of taking her home will be so grateful for her companionship and love! Though she needs to be the one and only pet in her forever home, Glinda has so much love to give and is sure to be the perfect companion to her forever humans.

If you’re in the market for an adult kitty who loves lap snuggles, pets, and attention, please consider giving Glinda a forever home! And don’t forget to watch her video below to see just how sweet this girl is!

Check out Glinda’s Petfinder profile, and feel free to give us a call at 860-242-9999 x302 or email michelle@ourcompanions.org.