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Featured Pets: Zoey and Lacey

Zoey Lacey

Zoey and Lacey are two sweet girls looking to head to their forever home together! Now, we know it might sound like a lot to take on TWO German Shepherd Dogs, but just hear us out! These sweet sisters are a lovable, well-behaved, and mellow duo who are so easy to be around! They both enjoy human companionship, but are just as happy to hang together by themselves.

Zoey and Lacey were abandoned in August 2017 in a dog park. Actually Zoey had to spend the night in the park, because Lacey was up by the gate and was found at dusk, while Zoey must have been hiding. First thing the next morning they found Zoey after she had spent a very stressful night alone at the park separated from Lacey. They were reunited at the local animal control facility and received basic vetting there. Within those first few weeks, dozens of people called animal control inquiring about adopting the girls, but as time went on none followed through on adopting them! So, Our Companions stepped in to spring them from their kennels and bring them to a bit of a homier place – our very own Sanctuary.

Though the Sanctuary is a better place for the girls, it just isn’t a home. They hate being cooped up in their room and are much happier when given the run of our empty canine cottage, “Love Shack”. They enjoy taking walks and playing in the fenced-in play yard together, but aren’t happy sharing their space with other pups. They love to hang out with with our staff and volunteers, but would much prefer a home of their own.

Lacey is the older of the two. At 10 years of age, she is a short-haired, mostly black GSD. She is a sweet and outgoing girl who greets people sweetly and enjoys being around them. She is the larger of the two and in great health, though she has some soreness due to her age. She is an active lady who enjoys taking walks and is super, super sweet!

Zoey is a couple of years younger than Lacey. She is a long-haired girl who is a bit smaller and a bit less confident. Lacey helps Zoey to feel more confident and outgoing and puts her at east. Zoey does enjoy people and does a great job meeting them, as long as she is with her sister!

These girls are so, so loving and sweet. They are well-behaved and calm and are so good that they don’t even beg for food when you eat around them! It’s a miracle! We know the perfect forever home is just waiting for them and we can’t wait for that day to come.

Check out Zoey and Lacey’s Petfinder profile here. Please call us at 860-242-9999 x302 or email megan@ourcompanions.org for more information about this sweet pair of pups!



Featured Pet: Glinda


When you envision the perfect cat, you probably imagine an outgoing, sweet, lovable, lap cat! You may dream of a beautiful, adult kitty who is healthy, happy, and easygoing. Does this sound too good to be true?!? Because it’s not – all of those things perfectly describe our very own super sweet Glinda!

At 11 years of age, Glinda is an absolute dream. She actually came to us many, many years ago with her sister, Locasta, and the pair were adopted out together. They came back to us as adults due to familial changes and were at our Sanctuary for ten whole days before heading home together. Well, as they grew older, Locasta and Glinda decided that they did not in fact like other cats – including each other! They were having issues at home and their owner felt very overwhelmed with what was going on. So for the second time in their lives, they were returned to us and we quickly learned that although they were both lovely kitties, they needed to be the only cats in their forever homes!

So Glinda got her own room and quickly became an absolute fan favorite! She loves visitors of all ages and is so outgoing and friendly. She will sit at her door and meow for attention and the second someone enters her room, she’ll follow them to the couch and climb all over them, giving head rubs and kisses! She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and though she likes to play and enjoys a good snack, nothing compares to her love for her people!

This sweet, goofy love bug is so ready to find her forever family. We can’t believe that someone hasn’t scooped her up already and we know that whoever has the luck of taking her home will be so grateful for her companionship and love! Though she needs to be the one and only pet in her forever home, Glinda has so much love to give and is sure to be the perfect companion to her forever humans.

If you’re in the market for an adult kitty who loves lap snuggles, pets, and attention, please consider giving Glinda a forever home! And don’t forget to watch her video below to see just how sweet this girl is!

Check out Glinda’s Petfinder profile, and feel free to give us a call at 860-242-9999 x302 or email michelle@ourcompanions.org.


Featured Pet: Zeus


Zeus isn’t quite as powerful a force as his name suggests…in fact, he’s pretty much just a big baby! He loves to snuggle up with a warm human and is a huge bed hog, taking up all the room he can with his 80 pound body. This sweet boy was adopted by his mom and dad from a local pound and became their entire world. Though they still love him dearly, they can’t seem to help him understand that his baby brother isn’t the enemy! As it turns out, Zeus is really very scared of babies and little kids. We know that his mom and dad would love to keep him, but they also want to have a family and don’t think it’s fair to keep scaring Zeus for the next 10+ years with a bunch of little babies. So, they came to us to help them find a home for their beloved buddy and we are happy to help!

This 5-year-old pit mix needs to be the only kid in his forever home. Though he doesn’t despise dogs and cats like he does babies, he doesn’t really like them either and truly just needs to be the center of attention in a forever home that will spoil him rotten! Zeus does best when he has a routine so that he knows what to expect. Though he is a very mellow guy, he will require some daily exercise to keep him in shape and get his energy out. He likes to take walks and is well-behaved on the leash. He also enjoys playing and in typical pit bull fashion, loves destroying any toy he can get his paws on!

Though he loves humans, Zeus has a bit of anxiety in new situations. He will turn to his humans for comfort and does best when in a comfortable, familiar environment with someone he knows and love. He is friendly meeting new people and enjoys getting attention from everyone he meets, but truly bonds with his people. He listens well and knows a few fun tricks like paw, heel, sit, and lay down. He is a very smart dude who loves to learn and is eager to please his owners.

Overall, Zeus is an amazing pet with a wonderful, goofy personality and so much love to give. If you’re worried about adopting a dog that needs to be the only pet – don’t! This guy has so much love and is so snuggly and warm, you won’t even miss having another dog or cat around.

If you are an adult home (or one with teenagers) who needs a pet to make your family complete, check out Zeus’s Petfinder profile and video here and feel free to give us a call at 860-242-9999 x302 or email megan@ourcompanions.org.