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Featured Pet: Mindy and Jerry

Mindy Jerry

Are you looking for a nice pair of buns who are ear-esistibly cute to add to your family? Well look no further because Mindy and Jerry are just a hop, skip and a jump away! Mindy and Jerry, a hoppy-go-lucky brother/sister pair are excellent listeners who are quiet and easy-going and – fur what it’s worth – never have bad hare days! There is just no bunny better than this adorable pair of carrot-loving rabbits!

All puns aside, Mindy and Jerry are truly two of a kind. They adore each other with sweet, caring Mindy taking on more of a “mom” role with her spunky, feisty brother. Both Mindy and Jerry are albino with pure white fur. They love their people and will often greet their foster family at the gate to their room, kicking their back feet up in the air excited for pets and treats! Though they started out their life living in a small cage, they are currently in a home where they get plenty of time out of their cage exploring and running. It is crucial that these bunnies not only go home together, but go to a home where they can get plenty of time out of their cage, as they are happiest when they are playing in the house together.

Mindy and Jerry are looking for a home where they will be part of the family, getting plenty of treats and lots of attention. Rabbits in general are so much more than fun Easter gifts. They are entertaining, lovable, sweet, and affectionate pets who deserve to be loved and cared for like any other indoor pet! And this beautiful pair of buns would love a home with rabbit-savvy people who are willing to make them part of the household – no basements or outdoor hutches please!

For more information about this adorable pair, check out their Petfinder listing, and feel free to call 860-242-9999 x302 or email Marlene – marlene@ourcompanions.org.



Featured Pet: Freyja


Freyja is one gorgeous girl. With her enormous eyes, beautiful coat, and petite features, she will steal your heart with one look! This adorable little lady came to us from a home where she was very much loved – unfortunately, she just couldn’t make it work with her feline companion and needed to live in a place that she didn’t have to share with another kitty. Though she is not aggressive with other cats, she is fearful of them and acts out, which we haven’t seen since she moved into the Sanctuary, where she lives separately from other cats! She’s become quite a happy girl who loves napping in her window seat, snuggling up to her human friends, and playing with interactive toys.

Freyja is exceptionally affectionate and loves human attention – but only on her own terms. Like any self-respecting cat, Freyja truly believes that this is her world and we’re just living in it! When she’s looking for some human loving, she’ll sidle on over and demand some pets, hop on your lap for a little brushing, or go with her signature move – walking across whatever keyboard you’re trying to type on so that she can send a message to her adoring fans and keep you from getting any work done at all! But when she’s done with getting attention, this little lady will make it perfectly clear that she’s ready for some space!

Freyja’s ideal home would be an adult home where she can be queen of her castle – getting all the love and attention she so deserves! She would be the perfect companion for someone who works from home so that she can keep up the good work she does as an office cat, but would be just as happy to welcome her people back home after a long day at work. She would do best in a calm, quiet home, as she can be spooked by sudden, loud noises, though she’s gotten quite used to the construction happening at the Sanctuary this summer! If you’re looking for a sweet, affectionate companion to complete your family, this perfect kitty could be just the girl for you!



Featured Pet: Archer


Meet Archer - the sweetest, most photogenic cat around! With his long hair and stunning eyes, this 2-year-old cuddle bug will steal your heart in no time. He loves his people and enjoys interactive play sessions before curling up next to you on the couch for some pets. Archer has a very healthy appetite and loves dinnertime – he even appreciates a treat from time to time! Archer gets along well with other cats and could happily share his forever home with a feline friend, as long as a proper introduction is done. He is FIV + but can safely live with another cat as long as there is no aggression.

Archer is one special kitty because though he is incredibly friendly, happy, social, and lovable, he has been diagnosed with early hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). HCM is a condition that causes the muscular walls of the heart to thicken. He could live for many more years or less, there is no treatment and no way to predict what will happen unfortunately but he is so deserving of his own home – we hope you’ll be willing to give him a chance!

Archer is just so sweet and snuggly and is an active, playful, and outgoing guy who would love nothing more than to live out his days with his very own forever family. If you’re looking for an extra deserving cat to be your new family member and very best friend, look no further – Archer could be just the one for you!


Featured Pet: Hera

Everywhere you turn at the Sanctuary, you’re sure to see Hera striking a pose! This 5-year-old Shepherd mix is sure to turn some heads with her gorgeous face, athletic figure, and heart-melting eyes. And her laid-back personality makes her the ideal candidate to show off the ridiculously cute costumes her house manager and stand-in mom has been hoarding away for the last few years. We are certain that if Vogue caught a glimpse of this special lady, they’d be begging for her to grace their cover! Not only is she super model material, she’s also an absolute love who adores giving kisses to her people, snuggling up on the couch, and showing off her athletic skills in the play yard.

Hera’s laid-back, couch potato personality is one of the things we love most about her. She loves lounging on a comfy couch or a soft dog bed with a Nylabone and some lovely classical music in the background (she is a diva after all). If she’s comfortable with you, she may even provide some snuggles after a good walk in the woods or jaunt in the play yard. Though she has a pretty big lazy bone, this pretty pup sure loves her playtime in the yard and lives for digging in her sandbox and frolicking through the grass with one of her canine companions! She doesn’t get along well with all dogs, but when she meets the right buddy, she’s their friend for life.

Though she is a love with people that she knows, Hera tends to take some time to warm up to strangers. With a little patience and a lot of chicken, this timid lady has made tons of friends here at the Sanctuary and we know that the perfect family is just waiting to welcome her home – they just have to be willing to take a little extra time to build a bond with her! But we know the outcome would be well worth the effort for any lucky someone who gets to call this beautiful girl family. Hera would do best in a calm, adult household and could live happily with or without other pets, as long as any other dogs or cats in the home would be the right fit for her. Check out her adorable video below!



Featured Pet: Lucy


Do you find yourself looking for love in all the wrong places? Look no further – Lucy is ready and waiting to be your furry Valentine for the rest of her days! Like most first dates, your first meeting with our Lucy may be a bit awkward, but with some treats, love, and a little bit of time, we are certain that she’ll steal your heart with her snuggly personality and adorable little face. And trust us when we tell you – everybody really does love Lucy!

At 4 years old, this petite pit bull/lab mix has quite the personality and makes us laugh daily with her antics. In the warm weather, Lucy is happiest splashing around in just about any body of water she can find. Whether walking in the woods or hanging out on the front patio, Lucy is sure to find some kind of water oasis to cool off in! And if it’s too chilly for swimming, you can find her happily playing with one of her many boyfriends at the Sanctuary in the play yard or chasing after her enormous egg in the snow! This is one pup who would certainly benefit from a fenced-in yard, as she isn’t quite confident about taking long walks with people she doesn’t know too well.

Once she is comfortable with people, Lucy is the most snuggly, lovable little lady, but it can take her some time to warm up to strangers. She would love a calm, adult home with humans who understand and appreciate her quirks and give her the confidence she lacks in some situations. Lucy has been with us for quite a while now and we just know her perfect match is out there somewhere! Could you be the one for this lovely girl?


Featured Pet: Albus


Albus is a one-of-a-kind who is sure to steal your heart!

This handsome, snuggly cat is mellow, laid-back, and absolutely obsessed with his food! He loves people, especially once he gets to know them, and will stand at his door and ask politely for some cuddle time on your lap if he’s feeling particularly snuggly. He can take some time to warm up to new people, but once you are in his circle, you’re in it for life!

Although he is low-key, Albus does enjoy the occasional interactive play session. He can be enticed with feather toys and interactive games if he’s in the mood and it is fun to watch him stalk and pounce! Albus would do best as the only pet in his forever home, as other animals tend to make him a little nervous, but he has more than enough love and personality to go around.

At 10 years of age, Albus is a happy boy despite dealing with some medical issues. He has been diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, meaning that at times, he struggles with some incontinence and has a history of urinary tract issues. This can be easily managed with a special diet and medication and Albus has shown great improvements since coming into our program. Albus had a bit of a rough patch before moving into our Sanctuary, but has truly blossomed into a wonderful, social, and lovable cat who is so deserving of a loving, patient home to call his own! Could you be his perfect match?