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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

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Donating is easy from our wish lists!

1. View one of our wish lists:

Cat Food Wishlist for Feral Cats

Manchester Program Center

Sanctuary Cottage Care

2. Scroll through the items

3. Order the item(s) you think would be best to donate. Your purchase is sales tax exempt!

4. Your purchase gets shipped directly to us!

If you’re not sure what to donate, or what is high on the priority list, contact us.

Another Way to Help

Make all of your Amazon purchases at smile.amazon.com, choose OC, listed as Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary, as your charity and a percentage of what you spend will be donated to OC.


Breaking news update....it’s neck and neck, but who is leading this challenge??

Feed the Beasts

There is still time before we crown the superior species. We know you are waiting in suspense so we’ll get right to it - the Ferocious Felines are currently taking the lead with a total of $1,772.74 worth of food and supplements, while the Cunning Canines have collected $1,558.98 worth of food and supplies.

Do you want to help the dogs take the lead or keep those cats on top? These cats and dogs are working hard and love to eat – so we are very grateful for your support. Check out their Amazon WishLists today. You have until August 15 before the final verdict is in!


It’s the Feed the Beasts Wishlist Challenge

Here at Our Companions, we often embark on extraordinary challenges in rescuing dogs and cats, taking on pets with health and behavior needs that can be difficult and expensive. But it’s important to remember that some of our greatest expenses are the basics: food, treats, and supplements. A $2 can of dog food isn’t much on its own, but boy can they add up over a year!

That’s where you come in. From July 1st through August 15th, we’re asking you, our supporters, to contribute to the basic needs of the pets in our care by purchasing items for us off our “Feed The Beasts” Amazon wish lists. These small gestures of generosity will add up to huge savings for the organization as a whole. And to make it just a little more interesting, we’re making a competition of it. There are separate lists for the dogs and the cats, and whichever species gets the most dollars' worth of items donated to it by August 15th wins!

So, Feline Fanatics, start sharpening your claws! Dog Devotees, it’s time to bone up! Ready! Set! Shop!

Feed The Beasts Challenge - Dogs

Feed The Beasts Challenge - Cats

Help spread the word! Click here for a full-size, printable copy of this poster.

Feed the Beasts