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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

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Memorial and tribute gifts provide a beautiful testimony to the life of a beloved person or pet while helping animals in need. We are grateful to each and every person who made a thoughtful gift of this nature.

• To make a donation in memory of a pet or person who is already listed click on the corresponding name in the list below.

• To make a new memorial donation for a pet or person who is not listed, click here.

We thank you for your generosity.

In Memoriam Year: 2018
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Clark 04/11/18

Sylvia B
  Sylvia B
Bryan 06/28/18
In memory of Bryan F. 12/18/83 - 6/22/2018. A wonderful kind young man who's smile will always be with me
Kathy B
Diane Smith 07/12/18
In memory of a dear friend who loved and adopted many cats.
Anne Marie E
Todd Andrighetti 07/19/18
This donation is placed in loving memory of Todd. With love, The Rist-Gustafson and Barone families
Caren B
Pumpkin Boyle 05/16/18
Dear Susan, I have made a donation of $200 in memory of your beloved Pumpkin. Love, Rick
Richard C
  Richard C
Cain Callahan 01/22/18
Cain was my very best friend, constant companion, loyal protector and love of my life who passed away suddenly .I was not at all prepared for life without him! I have been sad ,lonely and struggling without him to share life! He taught me about being able to truly love another! He also taught me the feeling of being unconditionally loved by his unwavering devotion, trust and respect! I have been so blessed to have had this experience with all the beautiful memories I have of our time together! I will keep them in my heart and thoughts forever!!
Sharon C
Lola Cummings 04/16/18
Deeply sad to hear about sweet Lola crossing over to the Rainbow Bridge. We love you
Barry and Laurie B
Anthony DellaDonna 04/14/18
We were deeply saddened by the loss of your beloved "JILLY". With enormous love, Eloise, Linda, Patty and Gypsy
Eloise A
William Dodge 01/09/18
Rest in Peace, Billy
Willard T
Bailey Giguere 04/10/18
In loving memory of our dear, sweet cat Bailey
Patricia G
Chloe Greywolf 04/30/18
In memory of your sweet baby
Shannon C
Jared Griffin 02/21/18
Rest in Peace young man.
Brian B
Dunkin Grissom 05/19/18
In memory of Dunkin who was a very shy and beautiful rescue cat that my sister and her family adopted from OC a few years ago. They gave him lots of love and a great home! He was taken to The Rainbow Bridge way too soon. I hope he's having fun with all of our family's deceased pets!
Susan & David B
Gracie Hudson Dannen 03/13/18
Dear Cord, Meredith and Eleanor, We are so sorry for your loss and know you miss Gracie dearly. She was blessed to have you as her family for so long.
MaryAshley R
Dib and Mr. Dot Johnson 05/17/18
Miss you guys!
Paul J
Lambeau and Winston Law 06/04/18

Debbie A
Jade Lazeren 02/09/18
Best Frisbee Player Ever! Sweet Girl Too!
Andrea S
Darla Linker 02/22/18
We miss you
Susan L
Jonathan Morris 05/08/18
Gone too soon, you will be missed.
Melissa, Mark, Mason & Max G
India Mullen-Shura-O'Brien 08/14/18
India always played a big part in the fun Paul and I have had at your parties. We just hope that the pudding shot she finished for me at the last cookout didn't hasten her end.
Cathy Ann F
Rocco Naughton 02/23/18
We were deeply saddened by the loss of your beloved Rocco. May your special memories help you thru this rough time. Jody, Chris and Ava Martin
jody M
  Erica S Love you Connecticut! So sorry for your losss!
Henree Orzeck 04/09/18
Much love to the best Chairman of the Board there ever was. It was a privilege to have met her.
Shannon E
Gioia Mia Patti & Steve Manion & Rosa DeBenedictis 07/22/18
Your Gioia Mia will be missed so much!
Pat M
Zoe Pierce 05/06/18
In loving memory of beloved Zoe. May you rest in peace!
susie b
Webster Powers 05/02/18
There are no words Julie. I am so truly sorry for your loss. Webster was such a special person and will be missed by everyone who's life he touched.
MaryAshley R
Peach Quigley 01/07/18
In memory of a very sweet dog named Peach.
Tracy Q
Bella rivera 02/09/18
i love you
Sarai R
Mark Ruderman 03/18/18
Rest In Peace. You will be missed.
Alan L
  Loretta J “Our family is keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers.” Rest in Peace. Loretta Jamar & Family
  Eileen and David E In Loving Memory of a Very Dear Friend Eileen and Dave E
Little One (Wunny) Sandler 06/30/18
Rescued her mother Ave and an hour later Wunny was born by Caesarian. Nursed her with a bottle from her 2nd day of life. For almost 15 years she has been the light of my life along with Ave, who passed last year. She was a sweet, joyful cat.
Zellene S
Buddy Schrepf 04/10/18
Buddy was a sweet and affectionate cat and Bob's beloved pet. He will be missed.
Paula C
Bones Soule 04/10/18
To one of the sweetest cats I've ever had the honor to know and care for. Bones, you had a rough beginning, but when you found Jaime and Jeff you hit the jackpot. Love, Nana Heidi
Heidi L
Callie Spruns 04/06/18
Callie came to us in the last year of her life from Our Companions. She was a sweet, loving girl. We miss her every day.
Erin S
Peggy Van Ekeren 07/04/18
Sorry for your loss.
Nina C
Carol VanDerlip 05/01/18
In memory of Carol VanDerlip.
Jeanne B
  Elizabeth M In honor of Carol, my cousin,and her intense fight to live. May this donation go toward the care of her beloved cats.
  Michael B
Jean Watson 05/11/18
She loved her friends,family and rescue dog, Taffy, with all of her heart.
Betsy G



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