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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

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Memorial and tribute gifts provide a beautiful testimony to the life of a beloved person or pet while helping animals in need. We are grateful to each and every person who made a thoughtful gift of this nature.

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In Memoriam Year: 2017
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Craig McLea 01/01/17
You are being missed every day by family and friends. You are especially being missed by your cats, Dayze, Jazz and Buddy.
Shirley B
Gunner Ayers 01/05/17
In honor fo a beautiful and courageous boy and the people who loved him forever.
Melissa C
Edith Mildred Botticello 01/09/17
In memory of Millie who will be missed by all the feral cats she fed.
Dianne K
Tasha Wilkins 01/12/17
A very special member of the family who will be missed in both her CT & VT homes!
Nancy L
Dr. Valerie Kennedy 01/27/17
With prayers and deepest sympathy to Tom, Vicki and all the family
Geraldine L
Tasha (AKA Barkus) 02/03/17
Tasha greatly loved, cherished and sadly missed by Ginny and Bill. Tasha sadly missed by friends who have experienced her gentle nature.
Paul R
Lorna Lecrenier 02/18/17
Our heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your mother
Robin D
barbara leighton 02/22/17
In memory of a wonderful person who was a special friend, kind and loving,never seeking attention . Barbara gave us our first rescue dog who brought such joy to our lives.--Ann and Frank
Ann and Frank W
Cocoa Case 02/26/17
May memories of Cocoa and her deep love for all of you help you in your sorrow. Those beautiful memories will forever remain with you. xoxo
Debbie G
Jimmy Crews 03/02/17
In honor of a wonderful orange tabby named Jimmy. He will always be very loved & in our hearts.
Christine R
Nomar Laramie 03/04/17
Nomar- you will certainly be missed by Joan and Laurette - rest in peace.
Angela L
Dave Champion 03/05/17
In memory of the man who unconditionally loved every dog he met.
Mary Jane E
Sophie Cohen 03/16/17
We are so sorry to hear about your beautiful Sophie. Remember you gave her the most perfect, wonderful life a dog could ever want.
Mandy & Scott W
Beatrice 03/17/17
Holding in our hearts sweet Beatrice who is running wild and free. Sending our love to my dear cousin Lori. May fond memories of your beloved pet warm your heart always.
Sandra & Maneesh S
Harry 03/18/17
To Harry, who took such loving care of his grand dogs, who miss him.
Terry C
Cassie Dewey 03/20/17
In memory of a beautiful Golden Retriever who was so loved by her family.
Andrea A
obi morse 03/23/17
I miss my loyal companion and partner so much! He slept on the bed with me every night.May you rest in peace obi,I will always love you !
Steven M
Sammy Leibovitch 03/24/17
A Birthday Gift for you in memory of your beloved, Sammy
Laurence R
Dusty 03/27/17
Dusty was a beautiful kitty.
Cinder, Dunkin and Murphy G
Anne Kichar 03/31/17
Our condolences to the Walnum family.
Joseph N
Dudley DeBolt 04/13/17
Dudley was a very special cat who loves bathing in the sun and playing with his brother Walter. He will be missed by all who cared for him in his owners' absence.
Bob D
Winston Mailfold 04/26/17
Winston had a tough start but ended up one happy, lucky guy & I feel lucky to have known him - he is missed!!
Nancy L
Madden Ehlers 04/30/17
In memory of Madden. He was an amazing boy who will never be forgotten.
Gail P
Casey Caruk 05/01/17
In honor of Casey running in heaven.
Karen L
Gabby 05/04/17
So lucky to have shared 14 joyful years with our little munchkin. We will miss her forever.
Debra/Colleen K
Jack Weiting 05/11/17
In memory of Jack Weiting.
Glenn and Kelley C
Jack Wieting 05/17/17
We miss you sweet boy - keep digging holes in the clouds.
Mandy & Scott W
  MJ & John S What would we do...who would we be...without our beloved pets.....
Zorro Zimbel 05/17/17
Your beautiful boy is making the stars shine brighter.
Mandy & Scott W
A.J. Maida 05/19/17

Debbie G
Sounder Sullivan 05/24/17
Sweet Sounder is snuggling in with Opus tonight. We will miss him.
Mandy & Scott W