Our Companions Animal Rescue

Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

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Forever Home Manual

Our Companions is offering you the Forever Home Manual as a guide to help you find a forever home for your pet. Placing an animal using the procedures recommended in this manual takes time, but your dog or cat has been a good and faithful companion to you. He/she deserves the best new home you can find. You will sleep better knowing that your pet is happy, healthy and safe in their new home.

Forever Home Manual

If you would like to learn more about how to successfully place your pet please submit the form on our Contact Page.

Finding a New Home for Dogs

The Helpline volunteers are animal welfare professionals who donate their time to helping pets in need. Their assistance is free of charge, and we do gratefully accept donations. We are able to accommodate a limited number of dog guests at our Ashford Sanctuary, but you need to be signed up for this program first to become eligible.

To sign up for this program, download the information packet here:

2018 OC Dog Rescue Program Information

OC Dog Placement Assistance Request

Incoming Dog Profile

10 Tips for Taking an Effective Photo

Canine Additional Resources (Veterinary Clinics, CT Shelter and Rescue Listing, Forever Home Manual)

Once you have read through the program information, please write us or call 860-242-9999.

The following is a synopsis of what Our Companions can offer through our Helpline Program:

  • We evaluate your dog in order to gain information needed for a proper placement, and to advertise the dog correctly
  • We advertise your dog on Petfinder, on radio and TV,and through magazines, email and posters
  • We hold Adoption events which your dog can attend and be featured
  • You can do your own advertisements; it is suggested that you let us screen the applicants. Good pictures are imperative. You can help us by sending us photos showing a clear picture of the animal using a contrasting background. Take the time to get a calm, relaxed photo that does not present the pet as aggressive or scared.

Our screening for new adopters includes:

  • Vet Check
  • Personal References
  • Home Check
  • Dog/Dog introductions
  • Help with getting the dog settled in
  • Training classes and behavioral support before and after the adoption
  • Post adoption checks

Once an adopter is found, a contract will be drafted between you and the new adopter. Should the adoption fail, we require one party to pledge that they will house the dog until a new adopter can be found. You should expect to allow the new adopter 2 weeks to allow the dog to settle in before finalizing the adoption. A donation to Our Companions is appreciated once the adoption is finalized.

Please note that routine vet care, vaccinations, heartworm tests and preventatives are expected to be up to date while we search for a new home or the adoption process may be stopped until we have been provided proof that the pet has seen a licensed veterinarian.