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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

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Our Companions has complied a number of publications we thought would be helpful for pet owners! We have extensive resources on pet behavior, adoption, veterinary care, etc.

Need more information? Please contact our Helpline by completing our contact form. If you are seeking medical advice, we'll be glad to refer you to a veterinarian.


Cat Adoption Guide

Cat Behavior Guide

Cat Nail Trimming 101

Crate Training Your Cat & Litter Box Tips

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian



Dog Adoption Guide


General Pet Information

Poisonous Foods and Harmful Products

Poisonous Plants

Smoke-Free Pets Campaign and Quitting Resources

Vaping Around Pets

Medical, First Aid, and CPR for Pets

Saving Money on Pet Care

Dog Breeds That Raise Home Insurance Rates


Pet Loss Support

Local Individual and Group Counseling Resource

Pet Loss Support Page